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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is important. Whether adding new products and services, keeping information fresh or upgrading your entire Site. Maintenance must be done on just about every Site on the Internet to maintain or increase visitor traffic and to keep or better your rankings in the Search Engines.

Why Website Maintenance is so important?
After creating a website it is necessary to keep it updated as there is always a competition with other websites that always come with different designs. Website maintenance will improve the website performance.

How can measure the performance of a website?
Here are few points: revenue obtained from the website, ranking of the web pages, number of visitors, number of pages viewed and average duration a visitor spends to view and go through the website.

Website maintenance is necessary to boost the online trade earnings by bringing in more visitors in quick time.

* Website Designed by Maestro Innovative Solution offers Maintenance during 1st year at free of cost for minor changes.
* From 2nd year onwards it cost $ 50 per year if minor modification is done within the website.
* Any other major modifications it cost separately as per the client proposal.