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The Process


The process is simple with us as we are a leading, innovative, creative, web design agency.

As more and more people world-wide and in India & Srilanka use the internet’s search engines to find what they are looking for, it is imperative that your company does not get lost in the fog. An effective online presence is essential to ensure that it is your company, not your competitors that will grab the attention of the many potential clients that exist.

We work together with you to design the finest website to convey your businesses message whilst ensuing that we keep your client’s and their needs in mind at all times.

We deliver highly creative and affordable web designs that will work within your budget and easy accessable to follow the process for all clients.

Don’t get left behind, let us help you keep up with the latest online marketing concepts and ensure that you not only keep up with your competitors, but set the new market standards.

Perfection is paramount, so if nothing less than the best is acceptable, then Maestro Innovative Solution based web design and development team is for you.

A professional website requires careful analysis, proper planning, recent graphics and technology combined with the companies needs. Our methodology mingles the marketing goals together with the innovative solutions for successful completion and delivery of a project. Our website designing process includes the following steps.

The origination phase is the initial phase of the project. Here we need to know your company’s marketing objectives, website objectives, your company’s goal, your targeted audience and your potential visitors. Once the objectives are clear we make recommendations to achieve the goals and create an initial blueprint of the website.

Web Designing and Development
The second phase is the designing and developing phase. The creation and the design process begin here and our creative designers mold your vision into reality. Here we create the site map and also ensure that all the technical standards are developed to meet the desired functionality. The usability standards are also addressed and incorporated into the blueprint of the site.

Implementation and Testing
The third phase is the implementation and testing phase. In this phase the site navigation architecture is constructed, necessary graphics and text are added to the pages and additional high end functionality like animations are created. Once the layout and construction process is complete, the testing of the site begins in order to ensure error free functionality at all levels.

This is the final phase of the project. The website is published on the net and it goes live for the global viewers.