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SSL Certificate

Get your website secured with us today!

Are you transmitting sensitive information over the Internet? Do you know that your sensitive information is transmitted in the clear-text format which can be seen by any intruder? SSL - Secure Socket Layer adds an extra layer of security by encrypting (converting the clear-text data into an unreadable format) the sending and receiving data. Therefore, only the intended sender and the receiver can understand it.

Get started today with our low-cost SSL services to secure your website with our most cutting edge security solutions. We are the first ever complete SSL service provider in Sri Lanka.


COMODO is a leading company in the SSL Certificate industry which provides authentication and assurance for millions of websites around the world. Unique and patented technologies provided by COMODO will help you to make your online business secure with the highest level standards.

Basic SSL E-commerce SSL
Protection & Google Ranking
Perfect for businesses, organizations and blogs where identity information needs to be protected, this SSL provides basic encryption shown by the “https” in the address bar. Domain Validated SSL
Critical for E-Commerce site and valuable for any website looking to grow traffic and increase conversions including both web form registrations and sales. Extended Validated SSL
  • Customer data protection
  • $10,000 Warranty
  • May boost Google ranking
  • Enhanced e-Commerce Conversion
  • Green "Trust" Visual Bar
  • Customer data protection
  • $1,750,000 Warranty
  • May boost Google ranking

$69.99/yr *

$299.49/yr *

Need to install a SSL Certificate for a one-time fee of

$18/per website

*The lowest price listed is calculated based on the longest payment term.